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Restoration and Recovery

Restoration of Spheres and other Archaeological objects

The restoration works which have been made so far in 2016 have been oriented towards the intervention of spheres in public spaces such as parks, educational centers, public service buildings, among which churches and municipalities.

The spheres in public spaces receive preventive yearly maintenance because rainy season in that area is very hard, creating the proliferation of moss and fungi that adhere to their surface, producing possible detachment and weathering.

One of the spheres located in Palmar Sur’s park was restored in 1999, as well as the locomotive. So far its behavior has been good, serving as parameter to check out the effectiveness of the resins employed and the processes practiced.

The objects constituting the exhibition at the Visitors Center of the Finca 6 Site Museum were intervened, as well as other objects used in the temporary exhibit “Diquis-Heritage of Humanity” of the National Museum of Costa Rica, inaugurated in December, 2014.


Recovery of Spheres

As part of the protection activities, actions have been implemented where stone spheres from the southern region are confiscated; such goods and in general all the objects of the pre-Columbian era, are national heritage, State property.

The confiscated spheres are kept within the southern area and transferred to a distant sector from the in situ structures of the Finca 6 Site Museum, in order not to compromise their interpretation. This space has been destined as temporary storage of the spheres, pending a judicial settlement. Most of them have been ruled in favor of the State.

Spheres have also been received from persons who had them in their gardens, knowledgeable of the law who wish not to have legal issues. 


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