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Research and diagnosis

Many scientific investigations have been done with the purpose of finding out the structures’ and assets’ state of preservation and to make a diagnosis of each one of them: spheres, mounds or bases, and other work areas, be they domestic or funerary settings.

The five aligned spheres found in Finca 6 were totally excavated in the year 2013, with the purpose of knowing their preservation status.

During the works performed it could be observed 4 of them show cracks producing movement in parts of them. After their assessment they were covered again for due protection, and to take short-term measures. With the purpose of not letting water accumulate around the exposed sphere’s rim, natural drains were made use of, creating a slope which corrected the problem.

Analysis of the sphere at Grijalba-2 site revealed the presence of very deep cracks; one of them pierces through it, reason why the excavation was left half-buried.

Another important data is that the dimensions of each one of the spheres was obtained.



Finca 6 A 1.75
  B 1.91
  C 1.41
  D 1.91
  E 1.58
Grijalba-2 1 1.15
El Silencio 1 2.66


Work was done in the archaeological site Batambal for the reconstruction of a funerary rectangular structure, 8.70 meters-long by 2.30 meters-wide. The reconstruction had data taken during the archaeological research of the structure as reference.

Excavations were done around mounds 1 and 2 of Finca 6 site in 2015, to assess the preservation status of both. An interesting finding was made when conducting and verifying the measurements of the mounds’ diameters and discovering some sectors still have rows of stone, half-organized; in other cases the stones had been removed, product of looting activities of huaqueros in the past.

In the Grijalba-2 site, river stones were reintegrated on the central part of the access ramp to mound 2, where there was a large hole made by huaqueros with no stones, and in other parts the stones had been removed. To protect the unaltered sector the hole was filled with earth, and stones were placed in the hollow space.

A sector of mound 2 was also excavated, confirming the continuity of the pavement towards one side of the access ramp.

In December of 2015 a provisional roof was placed to cover the sphere on El Silencio site, with the purpose of protecting it from the harsh environmental conditions of the region and the accumulation of vegetation on its surface.

Studies and Work




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