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Sitio Arqueológico Grijalba-2



Grijalba-2 was found in a terrace on the Balsar River, tributary of Térraba River. The site measures around 10 hectares and presents a group of architectural structures: artificial mounds (bases for dwellings) with limestone walls and round-edged boulders (river stones), terraces with retaining walls and pavements.

There are two circular mounds of 20 meters of diameter and 1.5 meters-high, with covered walls, most of them in limestone. These would be the main residences, which repeat the constructive pattern observed at sites such as Finca 6. In the front part of Grijalba-2 there are paved areas with boulders, delimited by limestone.

The place has a sphere of 1.22 meters of diameter located some 100 meters from the architectural center. The settlement could have been the residence of relevant personalities, possibly subordinated to the main chiefs of the plain. 



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