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Osa is located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica,  in the province of Puntarenas and is characterized by having almost 3% of the world’s biodiversity. Converging on its land are a wide variety of settings with a lot of potential for the enjoyment of cultural and tourist activities.


Osa's data

Origin of the name

The canton’s name comes from the Chief “Osa”, who lived in the region in 1522, as is confirmed in the  Spanish chronicles of those who carried out the first incursion of these lands under the command of captain Gil González Dávila. The minutes of the expedition´s treasurer mention Chief Osa paid 465 gold pesos as a tribute to the Spanish crown.

Osa’s area: 1930 km2
Population: 30. 000 habitantes aprox
Capital: Ciudad Cortés, conocida antes como Puerto Cortés o El Pozo
Year of foundation: 1914

Brunca Region

Is integrated by the cantons: Osa, Corredores, Golfito, Buenos Aires, Coto Brus and Pérez Zeledón.



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